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  1. on Friday 17th August 2018, Stephanie and Daniel tied the knot at Newstead Abbey, surrounded by all their close family and friends, We continued their celebration at the John Fretwell Center.

    Their day consisted of, love laughter and happy ever after, but also Bride and Grooms Daughter did a speech ! and a George Michael Tribute Act kicked off their evening entertainment ! What an incredible day to be a part of !  


    Here are a couple of previews from their big day: Congratultions once again Mr and Mrs Parsons <3 


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  2. Jonathan and Laura tied the knot at The Pumping House in Newark, on Sunday 12th August 2018 


    Their day consisted of Home made Flower Crowns, Jurassic Park, Hibbler Bidder and Scooby Doo Candles, Choregraphed first dances to the lego move soundtrack 'everything is awsome', roller derby nicknames and team photographs, Lord of the Rings inspired post boxes, Jacket Spuds and Sparklers. it was truly a wedding il always remember, I had so much fun !! 

    Here are a couple of photographs from their big day ! Enjoy  <3